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Ready to discover a new dimension of Self-Mastery? Have you felt messy, out of control and depressed? Join host Jayne Marquis ND as she delves into a conversation with Amanda Kate, who has been there, and is now a Self-Mastery Facilitator who challenges traditional paradigms of self-transformation.

In this episode of “Meltdown to Mastery,” Amanda Kate's journey unfolds as a committed student of energy and vibration, utilizing her inner Oracle, Sage, and Nurturing Creativity to guide clients toward tapping into their innate, abundant nature.

Having weathered the depths of dark trenches in her own life, Amanda's story is one of resilience. She emerged from chronic narcissistic abuse, battled Chronic Fatigue caused by emotional trauma, and navigated toxic relationship cycles. Her journey also encompassed a supporting role in others' trauma and a profound struggle with depression.

Through it all, Amanda recognized the role she played in shaping her reality through her choices. She grasped how her distortions, stories of anger, resentment, and frustration, contributed to a reality that nearly consumed her.

Amanda embodies radical self-love and acceptance as essential to reaching the Highest Frequencies. Grounding deeply to Mother Earth is equally vital. By integrating the lessons from her life, she brings experiential wisdom to her clients, guiding them to anchor into peace, freedom, and Self-Mastery.

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