INpowered Mind, INpowered Health.

We all need to find our inner power and be in charge of our destiny. Our mind is such a powerful tool that influences our physical and emotional well-being.  

Let me be your guide into living courageously – heart first.

Belief is the energetic key for transformation and inner power. Let’s learn how to put our beliefs in the right direction. Let’s become aware and INpowered. 

     Spiral Up, Spiral Out!!


Everyone can benefit from taking natural remedies and understanding them better. So I have created a book just for you.   In my helpful handbook, I make homeopathic remedies easy to use for the whole family.  I guide you to an understanding of the 12 Cell Salts and have chosen  17 homeopathic remedies that are vital to anyone’s home medicine cupboard or traveling kit. And to make dosage more simple, I have created a color chart, making it easy to learn how much of each remedy to take and when. This natural, simple, home remedy handbook will help you and your family become INpowered.

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Welcome to my podcast INpowered; inspiration for your mind and body. Join me as I speak with guests about wholeness, wellness and the power of your mind in the pursuit of health. My guests will help you find your own unique path and become your true and INpowered self.