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In this episode Jayne speaks with Shana Francesca. Shana is a professional Interior Designer and Life Design Consultant/Coach,speaker, writer and entrepreneur. As the Founder and Lead Designer at Concinnate, a multi-discipline interior design and life design firm working with clients around the world. Shana believes our present and future are transformed when we infuse our lives with intention, we design our lives and accept our role as the author of our story. Joy is a series of choices, it is living our life with intention, it is designing our life. We find our purpose (which is ever expanding and changing) as we move forward, intentionally, through our life. The small choices matter, what we eat, how much we sleep, making our bed, drinking enough water…when we honor ourselves in the little things they start to work together in our favor and are the bedrock of a joyful life. Not a continuously happy one but a joyful one.

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