Jayne interviews Franco DeNicola. This conversation looks at how our perceptions are created and how they are changing rapidly with the crisis on the planet. Franco sees all that is happening as a quickening of the awakening process and that we first choose our freedom and sovereignty individually and then as a collective. That fear is a choice, and as each of us changes our perception, change happens globally. That our perceptions are the trampoline into our reality.

He states that many he connected to after death say their fear of living stopped them from truly being. He goes into his own experience of death and what happens after we die, a truly remarkable and detailed account.

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Website: https://francodenicola.com

We just recently completed a workshop called: “Maneuvering with Neutrality & Alignment During the Next Wave of Unfoldments” which is available for people to access the video and audio recordings. The video and audio recordings can be accessed through this link: https://franco-denicola.teachable.com/p/maneuvering-with-neutrality-alignment-during-the-next-wave-of-unfoldments

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