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Is your subconscious secretly sabotaging your life? Ever wondered why you react a certain way to certain things? Are you ready to take control of your subconscious? Join us as we dive deep into the hidden triggers that could be steering your actions without you even realizing it. In this solo episode of “Meltdown to Mastery,” your host, Jayne Marquis, ND, takes you on a riveting journey into the enigmatic realm of the subconscious mind. Discover how this powerful mental force, designed to protect us, records everything we experience through our senses, including the background details. From childhood programming to the formation of emotional circuits, Jayne delves into the fascinating world of subconscious triggers. Uncover how these subtle cues can unexpectedly influence our reactions and relationships, often leading us down intriguing and sometimes perplexing paths. Join us as we unravel the intricate connection between the subconscious and automatic mind and learn how to navigate these hidden depths toward greater self-awareness and mastery of our lives.

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