In this conversation, Jayne interviews Dr. Margaret Dupee an Optimal Performance Expert from Ottawa Canada. Margaret is a certified biofeedback provider helping athletes perform at the Olympics, helping executives turn it on when needed and off to recover for stress management. Her understanding of biofeedback, breathing, and mindfulness techniques can be used by anyone. Learn how to perform better, sleep better, and just be the best you can be. She goes into what is “the zone” or the “state of flow” – a hyper-focused, in the moment, state of harmony that we would all love to achieve. Margaret describes what to do to get there, and how to ramp up and how to slow into a state of recovery so that we can all be our creative and powerful selves.

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This podcast is for information purposes only and represents the views and opinions of the speakers. The information presented is not meant to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent disease. We recommend you seek the advice of a licensed healthcare practitioner before beginning any natural, complimentary, or conventional treatment.

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