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Welcome to Meltdown to Mastery, in this episode we explore the remarkable power of our energy bodies to transform our health and our lives. In this episode, we delve into the concept of coherence and why it is so important for our well being.

Our guest expert, energy healer and author, Tracey Whitttet, draws on her deep understanding of the physical body, astral body, mental body, etheric body, celestial body and soul body to explain how coherence across all our energy bodies can lead to powerful healing and transformation.

Understanding coherence requires us to acknowledge that we can have wounds in one or more of our energy bodies. These wounds can manifest in our emotions, thoughts, and even our physical health. However, through achieving coherence, we can restore balance across our energy bodies and tap into a unified, powerful energy that can ultimately lead to healing and transformative change.

Throughout this episode, Tracey shares practical tips for how we can achieve coherence, from mindfulness practices to energy healing techniques. She also emphasizes the importance of staying neutral and open to the process of healing and transformation, as we move from meltdown to mastery.

So whether you're struggling with physical or emotional pain, or simply seeking to deepen your understanding of the body's energy systems, this episode of Meltdown to Mastery is not to be missed. Join us as we explore the remarkable power of coherence and unlock the potential of our energy bodies to transform our lives.

Tracey is a spiritual energy healer, sacred conduit, and intuitive guide located in Santa Fe, NM. Transmosis Healing is a unique, integrated blend of energy modalities that offers people multidimensional body balancing. These sessions clear non-beneficial energies on all levels, layers, timelines, and dimensions.

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