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In this episode Jayne has a chat with Dr Brian Boxer Wachler about his own addiction to Social Media and his new book which reveals not only his own social media intervention but how you can protect and help your own family from going down this very serious and slippery social media slope. He discusses some of the ways social media influences our perception, some of the pitfalls that we or our family may fall into…

What it takes to become a social media influencer—and how to determine whether the influencers you trust are truly representing themselves and the facts.

Why children and teens are especially susceptible to social media influencers—and how social media impacts developing brains differently from those of adults.

How social media use really affects our ability to focus and our productivity—and whether a social media habit or following makes us less social in real life.

How to recognize the early warning signs of a social media addiction—and how to gauge when an influencer’s following becomes a cult.

Its a powerful episode. Lets spiral up!

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