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In this episode, Jayne has a conversation with Amy Vasterling. Public speaker, writer, and founder of Wisdom Gatherings. We talk about early childhood trauma. And her experience at a strict Catholic school where she not only didn’t understand the methods of teaching but resonated more with the floating yogi outside her classroom window. It was a reminder of her own deep wisdom. Her inward journey has been nourished by many difficult experiences. She now connects with others in a way that is deeply empathetic, walking with them as they open to their own inner truths and empowerment. Amy has healed Lyme, is a mother, knitter, skier, avid cyclist, and gentle renegade. Join us for this moving conversation and spiral up!

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To connect to Amy – https://view.flodesk.com/pages/60fb2bfbed6bc09a2e48b270 The Wisdom Gathering is a monthly event for women who are deep thinkers to gain inspiration through self-discovery and intuition.

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