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Jayne Marquis ND Hom. interviews Franco De Nicola. What is reverse 3D, how do we move into organic 3D and ultimately 5D? Be the creator of your own reality. We are at a critical time on the planet, it’s time to move into self-mastery. Letting go of the programs and concepts we hold from a reverse 3d is key to moving into a new design. Franco discusses how crucial it is that we step into our unique roles, and realize our ability to create in a new way. How to create our reality based on an inner knowing. Spiral up, Spiral out. #jaynemarquis #consciousness #francodenicola #5D #mindbody #empowerment #spiralup #spiralout

Website: https://francodenicola.com

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A Podcast “Advancing Consciousness Podcast” will be running 5 times a week.

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