Jayne interviews Michel Weinstein. Michel is a solution based visionary who has been blessed with a vast and varied life. He has had over 35 years of business management experience. As well as 40 years in personal training, nutrition, and many years as a soccer coach. Michel comment’s that he was the poster boy for all things money and material. He talks about his journey into what really matters after he lost everything financially and his life after realizing a profound paradigm shift beyond the slavery program running on the planet.

He has helped many also change into a new paradigm where what really matters shines. By making a difference and living through the heart, “simply make a difference, live fully, know your power as a unique light being having a powerful human experience.” He also shares his belief about where we are in the cycles of Planet Earth. And he believes we are now living in a new higher vibration where huge change can happen.

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