Dr. Jayne Marquis ND interviews Dr.Alex Tournier Ph.D. – Physicist and Homeopath. As a physicist, Dr. Tournier was well aware of the controversy surrounding homeopathy but couldn’t help but become curious and eventually involved in research when he had a positive healing effect while suffering from Chronic Fatigue. His innate curiosity as a physicist, on the topic of just how does homeopathy work, led him to open “The Homeopathy Research Institute”, and to train as a homeopath.

Many theories are discussed including, quantum coherence, the qualities and memory of water, Nanoscience, cross talk, electromagnetism, and more. Dr. Tournier discusses how research has shown that it’s not a question IF homeopathy works, research shows that it does. The question remains, HOW does it work? Could it be that whatever physical and chemical principles on which homeopathy acts, principles which would predate the emergence of life itself, could explain why living systems appear to be so sensitive to homeopathic medicines? An important question indeed.

The common arguments that there is nothing in a remedy at higher dilutions, placebo, etc are also discussed and common answers can be found on the website of the HRI

The website: www.hri-research.org

is the leading source of info on homeopathy research with over 200pages, our most popular sections translated into over 10 languages – the FAQs section is very popular, providing answers to the typical arguments leveled at us by the skeptics. we hold research conferences every two years, the last one was in 2019 in London, marking our 10 years anniversary. All the scientific presentations from leading researchers worldwide (35 of them) are available free on youtube.

https://www.hrilondon2019.org/ The next conference will be in March 2021.

www.hri-research.org a leading resource on homeopathy research.

Also on the youtube channel – Homeopathy Research Institute

This podcast is for information purposes only and represents the views and opinions of the speakers. The information presented is not meant to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent disease. We recommend you seek the advice of a licensed healthcare practitioner before beginning any natural, complimentary, or conventional treatment.

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