Jayne interviews Alan Brunton who goes into the fascinating subject of sound and how he has brought Cymatrax to the world. A technology that could increase our vibration, our cognitive function, our health, by increasing the purity of everything we listen to.

In this episode, Alan states “If you look at physics and just what is matter….. Matter is compressed energy that is then moved into motion and formation by SOUND and then held by gravity. Here you have the bases of quantum physics and the actualization of the universe.” If we consider this, …sound is one of the most important tools we have. And we don’t even realize it! The Universe does not speak English!

Alan was raised in an out of the box household. His father was an inventor who used the technology of Nicold Tesla so successfully the US government shut him down 3 times! So Alan comes by his mind and ability to think outside the box honestly! Alan discusses his experience in early childhood with his family, his life as an opera singer, an audio engineer, an entrepreneur to becoming what may be his ultimate purpose, to invent and bring technology to the planet that will improve many lives, through sound,

A delicious conversation into consciousness, quantum physics, and most importantly in this interview just how does sound affect our health, our central nervous system, and in fact every cell!! We discuss what white noise does to our brain as sound pollution. How much of our music, media, etc have white noise but has also been infused with more in order to program us into a stupor for programming. Cymatrax recognizes that ALL DIGITAL AUDIO has both good and detrimental frequencies and when separated, can be therapeutic for healthier lives of anyone listening. What is it, and how can it be used to clean and raise the frequency of sound for health, mental health, energy, and more.


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