Jayne interviews Deidre Reigel, a life long advocate of inner healing, the daughter of an alcoholic mother and an emotionally unavailable father tells her incredible story of childhood trauma and the gifts that it gave her. Listen to her journey of healing and personal responsibility. She describes the confrontation factor, and addressing the wound. She describes her journey to eventual forgiveness, which she says is beyond forgiveness…. what is needed to truly forgive, the timing and the deep inner liberation that comes. Deidre is a singer, dancer, conductor, composer, pianist, author, and host of the “Hope and Healing Radio Show.” She discusses her journey through emotional trauma to true empowerment. Today she inspires many to do the same.

Enjoy. links below to Deidre <3 #hope #healing #live #forgiveness #podcast #empower #mindbody #naturopathicdoctor #homeopathy cdbaby.com/"Sacred Harmony/Reigel", "Lambdoma Sampler"/Reigel. Balboa Press.com/"My Letter To My Father/Reigel", Podcast link: bit.ly/2uwV1Q d rhoperadio@gmail.com Subscribe or book a chat with us! - https://mailchi.mp/6e1117befb9d/inpowered-health

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