In this podcast, Danielle states that “pain and suffering are intrinsic parts of life. Whether it is physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual, pain is unavoidable. To live fully is to experience both #joy and #pain. Embracing these experiences as equally meaningful and essential offers liberation. The process is first and foremost, one of moving into a heart-based way of living. #Willingness, #awareness, #acceptance, #self-responsibility,#empowerment #gratitude and #love are the cornerstones to healing.” Danielle’s incredible story of betrayal, cancer, loss, then the first glimpse of healing, losing it all again in 911, then the spiral back up to true healing through the birth of this book and “The Sharing Project”. Danielle has incredible insights into the human spirit, sharing with humor and love. Finishing with a meditation that includes all she talked about, is worth the listen to the very end. Enjoy

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