Jayne and Shel interview Danielle Brooks in Brazil. Danielle shares how her trauma became her greatest teacher. Author of “Living Through The Heart” Danielle encourages us to move from a victim mentality, trauma, and pain to becoming empowered and loving. Danielle didn’t realize it but her life had been in slow motion free fall for a long time. In 2001 diagnosed with Cancer, she left an unhealthy marriage and moved across the world only to find herself alone, at ground zero, on 9/11. As she herself healed, pain was a patient teacher. She explains that many do not know it but your greatest gifts and the deepest challenges. Near the end of the interview she shares her gift of channeling Divine Mother Creator to tune our hearts into acceptance and compassion. #beyondbreastcancer #beyondcancer #mindbodyhealth #hearthealing #midbodymedicine #livingthroughtheheart

Danielle holds a PhD in Human Development and religion.

Anyone wishing to contact Danielle – hello@daniellebrooks.love

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