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In this special edition, we have a distinguished guest, Tim Doyle, who has embarked on an extraordinary spiritual voyage, delving into the intricate workings of manifestation and the interplay between our conscious and subconscious minds.

Join Jayne and Tim as they delve into the depths of manifestation teachings, uncovering the extraordinary potential residing within the human psyche. Tim sheds light on the intricate relationship between the conscious and subconscious mind,, unveiling how unconscious patterns are encoded within our light body.

Tim  guides listeners on a transformative journey to liberate themselves from fears and untruthful beliefs hidden within the recesses of their subconscious minds. These barriers can inadvertently hinder one's manifestation capabilities, creating a holding pattern that thwarts the realization of their full potential.

As an added gift, Tim introduces a potent prayer designed to dismantle subconscious beliefs that obstruct the path to manifestation. This prayer operates as a catalyst for transformation, allowing listeners to disentangle themselves from negative beliefs and embrace a mentality of plenitude and opportunity. 

Finally Tim gives us some new insights into the power of forgiveness. Forgiveness holds the transformative power to liberate us from the burdens of resentment and pain, fostering emotional healing and restoring inner peace. 

For a more comprehensive understanding of Tim Doyle's teachings, explore his website, thepathtooneness.com. 

Brace yourself for an enlightening episode as Jayne Marquis ND and guest Timothy  Doyle explore the teaching of The Golden Ones. Move toward exploration of manifestation, self-discovery, and our innate divine purpose. Tune in to “Meltdown to Mastery” and embark on a metamorphic expedition toward becoming a mindful collaborator in the crafting of your reality.

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