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Are you seeking a transformative journey from emotional breakdowns to spiritual breakthroughs? Want to learn practical tips for finding discernment in your thoughts and beliefs? Wish to have more control and become the creator of your own life?

In this empowering episode of “Meltdown to Mastery,” host Jayne Marquis ND invites special guest Tracy King, a seasoned spiritual mentor and guide, to explore the transformational journey from emotional breakdowns to spiritual breakthroughs. Discover how to embody your soul self, release subconscious limitations, and become a true creator in your life. Together, they delve into practical tips for finding discernment in thoughts and beliefs, letting go of what no longer serves, and uncovering your personal spiritual path. Join the conversation as they inspire you to become an alchemist in your own life and step into the true essence of who you are meant to be. Tune in and start your journey of self-discovery and transformation today.

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To learn more with Tracy – https://www.grittymystic.com