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Welcome to Meltdown to Mastery, the podcast that takes you on a transformative journey from despair to triumph. I'm your host, Jayne Marquis, ND, and today we have a truly inspiring guest with us. In this episode, we have the privilege of interviewing Justin Caffrey, a remarkable individual who experienced a profound transformation after enduring an unimaginable loss.

Justin was a successful businessman, where he navigated the complex landscapes of finance and investments. However, fate had a different path in store for him, one that would challenge him to the core.

Tragedy struck when Justin faced the heartbreaking loss of his beloved son. This devastating event shattered his world, leaving him to grapple with grief and question his purpose in life.

Justin joins us to share his remarkable story of resilience and growth. He will take us through his personal meltdown, the depths of despair he endured, and the pivotal moments that led him on a path toward mastery. Justin's journey is a testament to the power of the human spirit and the capacity for personal transformation even in the face of the most profound challenges.

Throughout this conversation, we'll delve into the lessons Justin learned along the way, the tools and strategies he utilized to navigate his darkest moments, and the profound insights he gained. For his story WAS a fork in the road, move from avoidance, go inward and heal ….or die.

He became an expert in Neuroscience, he shares his knowledge on how stress affects the vagus nerve and he shares his experience within an ancient spiritual Japanese group. His story is a beacon of hope for anyone, reminding us that within the depths of pain lies the potential for profound growth and personal mastery.

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