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In this enlightening episode of Meltdown to Mastery, your host Jayne Marquis, ND, engages in a captivating conversation with Tashina King, a confidence and mindset coach dedicated to empowering women by unraveling the unconscious beliefs that may be holding them back. Tune in to discover the transformative power of stepping into your own power and taking ownership of your life.

Throughout the episode, Jayne and Tashina delve into several thought-provoking subjects, shedding light on the underlying mechanisms that shape our behaviors and perceptions. Here are some of the captivating topics covered in this episode:

  1. Unconscious Beliefs and their Limiting Influence: Explore the profound impact of unconscious beliefs on our lives and how they can act as invisible barriers, hindering personal growth and fulfillment.

  2. Psych-K: Unraveling the Power of Subconscious Rewiring: Gain insights into the fascinating technique known as Psych-K, as Jayne and Tashina discuss how it can effectively rewire the subconscious mind, allowing individuals to break free from self-imposed limitations and create positive, lasting change.

  3. Unconscious vs. Subconscious: Understanding the Difference: Clarify the distinction between unconscious and subconscious, unraveling their unique roles in shaping our thoughts, emotions, and behaviors.

  4. The Influence of Beliefs on Health: Discover the profound connection between our beliefs and our overall well-being. Jayne and Tashina explore how deeply ingrained beliefs can impact our physical and mental health, and offer empowering strategies to cultivate positive beliefs for optimal wellness.

  5. Unconscious Beliefs and Fertility: Gain awareness of the intricate relationship between unconscious beliefs and fertility. Learn how hidden beliefs can influence our reproductive health and discover empowering techniques to overcome these obstacles on the path to parenthood.

  6. Programming and Parenting: Unmasking the Power of Awareness: Delve into the fascinating world of programming and its impact on our lives. Gain valuable insights into the importance of self-awareness in the process of parenting and how conscious programming can empower children to thrive.

Join Jayne Marquis and Tashina King on this empowering episode of Meltdown to Mastery, as they guide you towards unlocking the untapped potential within yourself, rewiring your subconscious mind, and stepping into a life filled with purpose, confidence, and fulfillment.

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