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Welcome to Meltdown to Mastery, where we help you transform your pain into power and cultivate true inner peace. In this episode, we are joined by Lise Janelle, the creator of the Heart Freedom Method. Lise's incredible journey of experiencing great pain and loss, and then finding a way to transform that pain into power, led her to create this method and help others do the same.

Lise shares her personal story of how she was hit with a series of devastating challenges, including losing her father to terminal cancer, her brother in a tragic car accident, and the end of a long-term relationship. Despite feeling like she had been knocked flat, Lise was able to go on a quest to understand how to live life in the face of these challenges, and develop universal principles to help herself and others live with more inner peace, abundance, and love.

Join us as we explore Lise's inspiring story, and learn more about the Heart Freedom Method. Whether you're currently facing challenges and pain, or simply looking to deepen your connection to inner peace, this episode is a must-listen for anyone seeking transformation. Let's dive in.

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