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Jayne has a soul searching conversation with Nathanael Novesel, author of “The Meaning of Life” One of the all time most asked questions, ever!
Nathanael gives us deep and empowering ideas about this very question. And honestly, it gave me a lot of peace.
He gives us some incite into
1/ How to do more, be more, and feal that its enough.
2/ How to know your moving in the right direction, and feal content about it.
3/ Is the goal the endpoint?
4/ What do our emotions mean and how do they translate into physical feeling.
5/ Why identifying false beliefs help us break free
6/ Quantum Physics and Quantum Entanglement
AND so much more!
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Links for Nathanael:
Site: ⁠www.yourmeaninginlife.com⁠
Social Media: @LifetheBookThe Meaning of Life Book: ⁠https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B082RHWM63/⁠
The X-Factor: The Spiritual Secrets Behind Successful Executives & Entrepreneurs: ⁠https://www.amazon.com/X-Factor-Spiritual-Successful-Executives-Entrepreneurs-ebook/dp/B09J45JDXG/

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