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In this episode Jayne has a delightful conversation with Kathleen Donnelly Isreal author of “Wisdom on the Camino” an enjoyable book about a 70 year young widow’s journey and adventures walking the Camino Santiago de Compastela (500 miles across northern Spain) solo, where she shared her spiritual philosophies with those she met along the way. During her husbands illness with Parkinson’s Kathleen decided it was time to heal herself, turning to the teachings and philosophies of many. When it was time to walk the Camino, she had integrated much, it was time to walk with nature and to share herself! Join us and spiral up.

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This is the link to Kathleen’s best selling book, “Wisdom on the Camino”, on Amazon. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B09CR9MGD3

Extended Ho’oponopono from Wisdom on the Camino by Kathleen Donnelly Israel

* I love you- The big I love you – I love God, God loves me, God loves that other person, That other person loves God, I love that other person if you can comfortably say it, if not, don’t say it.
* I am sorry- I am sorry this situation exists.
* Please forgive me- for what is going on in me that caused me to attract this. Then say: I forgive me, I forgive it up, and watch it come out of your heart and go up to God or ask the angels to help you get it out.
* Thank you- for showing me this so I could heal.
* I love you_ The big I love you – I love God, God loves me ….all of the I love you’s.

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