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In this episode, Jayne has a conversation with Nia Peeples. Nia is an American singer, actress, and dancer. For more than 30 years she has graced the screen with her talent and intelligence. Most known for her roles on the hit series Fame, Walker Texas Ranger, and Pretty Little Liar. Recently with her son well on his music path, her daughter heading off to College, and her 4th marriage ending, Nia sold everything and went on a “walkabout” to realign with her greater purpose. Nia’s passion is to empower others. Spiral up with us into “Universal Truths” that lead to a greater awareness of who we are and how alignment and resonance with the heart mean a connection to everything.Her recent book The Little Apple Tree is a parable meant to encourage all of us to reach for the stars and grow into our authentic selves.

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