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In this episode, Jayne has a conversation with Deidre Reigel (creator/singer/writer and co-producer of “Sovereign”), Elizabeth Mueller (content contributor/poet and backup vocals), and Brent Okuley (content contributor/guitarist/vocals and coproducer). They share the process from Deidre’s first thought, through the production phase, and finally to what you heard today. To quote Deidre, “As ‘Sovereign’ developed I became aware of the potential for it to be an awakening inspiration to many people. It feels as though it is a ‘rock anthem’ for the New Earth we are all co-creating“. What a great mission! It is very exciting to think of how far this piece of music can go. If you can share this podcast and song, or know of anyone who can, please reach out to Deidre at drhoperadio@gmail.com.
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