Jayne interviews Jai Onafrey. Jai shares her THREE near-death experiences. Each revealing and enlightening what the real meaning of life is. Glimpses into what lies beyond, compared to what we can perceive and know. She brought back a knowing that we as humans are far more powerful than we are programmed to believe. Jai describes what she experienced as transformational.

Jai also describes her experience during a 40 day fast in the desert. That not only restored her health but again revealed some deep truths.

Today Jai is bringing her deeper knowing, and what she describes as a download after a time of losing everything. She recalls asking in the deepest despair, “How can I serve?” The answer was Global Thrive Tribes. An incredible vision, that is coming to fruition at a time when a new way of living and thriving is needed most. A way of living and being, that can move us out of a state of competition and separation, to thriving together,

Be INspired by this incredible conversation and learn how to move from survival to thriving.

To get involved contact Jai at thrivetrives.com or www.jaionefrey.com

Survive to Thrive – a course by Thrive Tribes Academy

Podcast – Thrive Tribes TV

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