Jayne and Shel interview Ameet Agarwal all the way from Kenya! Ameet is the author of the book “heal you body, cure your mind.” Ameet graduated from the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine and uses a brilliant combination of Functional Medicine, Gestalt, Family Constellations and Homeopathy. Ameet explains each and discusses how a separation happens within us through trauma and avoidance. The avoidance continues as we as it is guarded by a deep feeling of vulnerability, allowing for tension within the physical and eventually disease. He discusses how all disease today but especially cancer requires a healthy liver and balanced adrenals while simultaneously aligning our mind and thoughts to bring wholeness to body, mind and spirit. #mindbodyhealth #Naturopathicdoctor #beyondcancer

To contact Ameet – drameet.com – for free videos and available courses online.

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